I can build anything to suits your needs and budget, much more advanced than what is on offer for free

Most of the projects I build revolve around: 

GPS, RPE & Wellness Monitoring Databases

Testing Databases

Strength Templates

Annual Planners

Medical Databases

For clients from:

NFL, Gaelic Football, Rugby, Hurling, Soccer, NBA, Track & Field, Olympic Associations & Universities.

How the Service Works:

For full disclosure this is an outline of how I work, this is to ensure nobody is wasting anyone’s time.

  1. I charge €20 per hour for custom work. Payment for all custom work is made via Paypal (all major debit and credit cards accepted, you do not need a paypal account to make payment).
  2. Custom projects can take anywhere from 1-40 hours depending on complexity and functionality.
  3. A skype call booking will need to be paid for and a suitable time to be arranged so we can talk about your desired project. This is paid via paypal using the button at the bottom of the page Once payment has been made I will email you within 48 hours to arrange a skype call. I charge for this time because it helps keep the commitment and helps avoid waiting for a call that never comes. It also ensures you have really thought about what you want, this saves time in the short and long term. I usually have a waiting period of at least 3-4 weeks before i can take skype calls/start projects.
  4. If we are both happy to continue with a project I will draw up and send and invoice for the hours of work required to complete the project. Work on the project will not commence until a 50% deposit has been paid. I will not send an invoice if I cannot start a project within 3-5 days. This deposit is taken because it allows me to create the time to start the project and send a draft of a project over to you without any concern that payment will not be made for work already done.
  5. I will send you a draft of the file with an instructional video so you can test it out and we can make any changes based on your feedback/experience. We can also schedule a skype call if needed. If there are changes to be made that significantly increase the hours required to complete the build then I will readjust the original invoice to reflect this.
  6. The remaining payment will need to be paid before final work commences.
  7. Once final payment has been received I will send the completed file with an instructional video to you within 3-5 days (unless otherwise stated). We can also arrange a skype call to run through the project if neccessary.
  8. As part of the service I will fix any small bugs and make minor adjustments at any time after the project has been completed. I will endeavour to have any fixes to you within 72 hours.

If you are interested in a custom build please click the paypal button below. 

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