Having spent years trying to learn how to use excel, and still doing so, I can tell you it is not easy. Countless hours scrolling through excel forums looking for the perfect answer to a specific problem, which is especially hard when most questions relate to business and not sport!

I have also noticed that not everyone wants a start to finish course in excel, or even how to build a specific project, they just want a solution to a specific problem and move on.

So I have decided to put together a custom service that allows you to learn exactly what you want without any excess clutter. Basically you give me your problem, and I will record a video running through some various solutions that you can use to solve it and that’s it. You pay for what you need without skipping through a full course or spending hours surfing the web for a very specific solution you are intested in.

How the service works:

The custom lesson covers a specific problem, this is not a course-like service or building a project from start to finish, this is a service for those who are familiar with excel, but want to improve a specific skill or solve a specific problem.

Click the paypal button below, purchase your lesson, once payment has been completed you will be taken to a message form where you can enter in your details and your problem. I will do the rest and have a solution to you within 7 days. If I cannot solve it in reasonable time, I will offer a full refund.

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