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Thanks for visiting the page once again. If you’re getting value from the content I’m putting out then I’ve achieved one of my goals.

This site started as a way to help people with excel, but my other goal was to showcase my skills and generate extra income from doing custom work, which I achieved to my surprise! However, with more time spent on research and other projects these days, I struggle to find time for custom builds.

That being said, I still love creating content and still want to help people as much as possible and keep everything on the site free. I also enjoy writing, and am a bit of a self-improvement junkie, so I’ve started writing about my experiences in this area too.

If you find anything here of value, I’d be delighted if you would consider contributing, which would allow me to continue creating.

I have some options below, if you choose to donate then I am eternally grateful. Oh also, if there’s anything you want to see or hear about let me know here

The only suggestion I would strongly make is this;

Don’t donate if you cannot afford to. 

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