Online Coaching





Take your training to the next level.

Not just an online training programme, a premium online coaching service.

This is a premium service aimed at field sports team athletes from G.A.A and Football backgrounds. To find out more about the level of coach you could be working with click here

How it Works

  • Initial Consult – your programme will be designed based on this consult. This will revolve around discussing your sport, the demands of your position, and where you think you can develop. From here we will develop your programme which you will be able to access through an app on your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Gym Program – Gym loads are tracked in a dedicated app to ensure consistent progress and allow for fine-tuning. We use RYPT as our provider for this service.
  • Conditioning Program – Training loads will be collected, analysed, monitored, and fed back to you consistently.
  • Option to have a heart rate monitor sent to you to help fine-tune your conditioning as well as monitor heart rate variability. (There is an additional cost to this which includes a refundable deposit on the safe return of the heart rate monitor. You also have the option to keep the belt forever in exchange for the deposit if you choose). Heart variability helps provide insight into how you are adapting to the stress of training and life in general, this can help us adapt the programme accordingly for better balance and improved performance. For more info see here –
  • Consistent communication throughout to help you adjust your programme as needed based on your schedule, wellness, HRV and other life stressors. This is a constantly evolving agile training process, not a rigid program.
  • We monitor progress over time and adjust accordingly (We don’t do one-off testing as it relies on a lot going right on the testing day to see any potential change in performance. By monitoring consistently over time we’ll easily see the progress you are making).
  • Weekly review of your training schedule and programme to ensure your gym and conditioning complement your sports training to ensure you can perform optimally in training whilst reducing the potential for injury.


€200 Per Month


  • Gym programme (strength & power, acceleration, top speed and change of direction mechanics).
  • Conditioning programme.
  • Mobility programme.
  • Consistent communication throughout the program as you will send constant feedback such as weekly training schedule, training loads, how you’re feeling/responding to program. You will also send videos of your training for feedback.
  • Training loads from all sessions collected, analysed, and consistently monitored.
  • Habit support around nutrition, sleep and lifestyle where needed.
  • Optional Extras (€90 Refundable Deposit for HR monitor + Additional €25 per month).
  • Option to have a HR monitor sent to you to monitor response to conditioning sessions/monitoring HRV (We use Polar H10 bluetooth HR belts).

If of interest or for further details please email: