Consultancy (Excel/GPS)

I hold consultancy roles with clubs/organisations where I build or maintain databases in Excel/Google Sheets or advise on streamlining processes for data collection/creating reports. I also do a limited number of one-off builds.

What Do I Build?

I build databases for coaches, sports scientists, analysts, physios, medical teams and private organisations.

My philosophy is simple: reduce the number of steps from data input to report generation. If you have to input data anywhere you only do it once. If you collect data using other technologies I build databases that link up with the excel exports from those technologies so the transfer of data across into one spreadsheet is seamless.

Should I Use Excel?

It depends on how much data you are collecting, what you are trying to achieve, and how many people will have access to/use a database. A lot of noise is out there around using R, PowerBI, Python etc. which can make things quite confusing. These tools are unbelievable and are much better at handling large amounts of data and doing some advanced analysis than Excel. However, Excel would seem to be more intuitive and less intimidating for those who aren’t computer orientated. If you require a database that needs to be easily used for an entire department of staff, then Excel may be a better choice.

Who Have I Helped?

Availability (Feb 2023):

2 x monthly slot (minimum 3 months – pay on a monthly basis for continued support). Not suited to one-off requests. This is more suited to developing projects or projects that will evolve over time.

3 x One-off custom builds – you ask I build.

If of interest or for further details please email: