Hi, I’m Adam

I’ve worked in sport in some capacity for almost a decade, primarily as a fitness coach (or s&c whatever you like)/sports scientist, whilst also developing as an academic.

8 years ago I thought I wanted to move from s&c to performance nutrition as I was excited about the area, dipped my toe in but found I enjoyed coaching more. 4 years ago I thought I would attempt a “data/sports science” role alongside a PhD in GPS training loads/injuries as a research area. I thought it was a nice fit but quickly found that the research area was a dead end, plus I hated sitting at a computer all day, which is ironic given this site has mostly excel spreadsheets on it!

I’m still a researcher and a fitness coach, my main research interests revolve around adaptation in football. I have an interest in data visualisation and have used many different tools depending on the purpose and, but mainly focus on posting excel related ideas here

Thanks for visiting!

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