Nice little one that could be incorporated in wellness dashboards or physio reports if desired. Lots of potential with this type of creation and you could go into as much injury detail as possible.


I’ve basically started out by combining two images into one picture using microsoft word.

Screenshot (332)

By sending the human body picture behind text I can drag the red circle picture in front of the body and place it where I want to.

Screenshot (333)

If you then select all images by holding ctrl + a and then clicking ctrl + x. This selects all images and cuts them.

Screenshot (334)

Then click into paste special and select picture (enhanced metafile)

Screenshot (336)

Now you have one complete image.

Screenshot (337)

I’ve then repeated these steps numerous times, 30 to be exact! So I have a bank of images where the red circle is placed on different parts of the body, where common injuries may occur.

Screenshot (338)

I’ve then created a database of pictures, with a matching text that describes the location of the injury.

Next you need to create a drop down list using data validation. The data you will use will come from the picture database tab.

Screenshot (347).png

This will give you drop down list with all the areas of the body that your pictures correspond to.

The index function I use, pulls the pictures from the database, once the text in the drop down box matches the text that corresponds with each image in the picture database.

The formula is as follows:

=INDEX(‘Picture Database’!$A$1:$A$30, MATCH(Main!$F$4, ‘Picture Database’!$B$1:$B$30, 0))

This matches the text in the drop down menu in cell f4 of the main tab, with the same text in any cell between B1 and B30 in the picture database. Then it pulls the corresponding picture found between cell A1 to A30 in the picture dashboard tab.

If we simply place this formula in a cell however, the result will be a big fat 0 displayed in the cell!

In order to get a picture to change we must first place a picture on our main tab, this can be any of the 30 pictures I have used.

Then using the define name option, we can apply the formula above directly to the picture, as opposed to a cell.

Simply click ctrl + f3 to bring up the define name option, then  click new, type in any name you wish (in this case I have put the name as INJ). I then I simply copy and paste the formula into the “refers to:” section.

This means the picture defined as INJ will match the text from my drop down box.

Screenshot (346)

Once the formula is in the drop down list will determine which image is displayed!


This is a fairly straightforward equation, the time consuming part is creating a picture database or a custom image, like I have done. You could simply just copy and paste any picture you wish to give the same idea, without having to create multiple different images!

 You can download this spreadsheet on here