This is an example of a filtering techniqe I used for a client when building an extensive strength template. There was a database with over 1000 exercises split up into different categories, this is just a sample of the function, in the actual buid there were four slicers to sub-categorize the exercises.

I have found using linked drop down lists such as the exampe below to be more time consuming than just typing in an exercise, especially when you build up large lists. Also, a lot of the time coaches will have a rough idea of the exercise they are going to program but maybe just want a little variation or a list to consider their options.


Creating a Dependent Drop Down List in Excel [Step-by-Step ...


This is where adding some slicers to control a table, then creating a linked picture (not visible in the video but select paste as linked picture from the paste options) of the table becomes useful. The quick video below demonstrates how its done

Download and check out the file here