I haven’t put up anything with VBA at all as I like to keep things simple, but I’ve had a play around with a template in the last week to try something different. I’ve based the template off an excellent football pitch and ball pass logger that can be found at

I’ve changed the football pitch template and ripped apart the code in this file and made some changes so it would record shots instead of measuring the distance between two passes. I’ve also added a few things in so you can not only log shots, but also display the data on the pitch.

The chart allows you to:

Select an area where a shot was taken from, select whether it was on or off target, and if it was on target, select if it was a goal or not.

Display logged data on the pitch and filter by date, athlete and whether the shot was on target, off target or a goal

Display the number of shots from an area based on your selections, with conditional formatting to highlight the highest and lowest number of shots

Check out video below and download the file here

Soccer Chart